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    Eqyptian Civilization
    Eqyptian Civilization

    Egyptian Civilization

    Capital City An empire astride the banks of the River Nile, Egypt boasts advanced medicine, agriculture, and art, as well as undeniable military prowess. This might has allowed its pharaohs to establish a tenuous rule over the shifting sands. Now, Egypt seeks to expand its borders through conquest while harried on all sides by kingdoms that seek the same. Assume command of the Egyptian forces to lead them to victory and establish a dynasty throughout the region.


    Advisors give your empire a range of advantages, including economic benefits such as faster resource gathering and military advantages such as damage bonuses. Some Advisors also let you create special, high-value units.
    Military College

    Lumberjack Thutmose

    Providing a boost to the speed with which villagers gather resources, Lumberjack Thutmose is useful to players seeking to build massive stockpiles rapidly.

    Grand Temple

    Nynetjer, Lord of the Hunt

    The Lord of the Hunt blesses Egyptian forces with the unique Desert Archer unit, providing an incredible edge in ranged combat.

    Engineering College

    Stalwart Lt.Panhsj

    This lieutenant increases the health of all towers, further securing vulnerable outposts from enemy attack.

    Hetairoi Commander Jason

    Hatshepsut Tusk Sharpner

    Turning the tables, Hatshepsut Tusk Sharpener reinforces War Elephants against the attacks of infantry units, a strategic boost to players who favor cavalry units.

    Weapons & Armor

    For your armies to reign supreme on the battlefield, you have to equip them with upgraded weapons and armor. Embark on quests to earn new weapons and armor, then apply them to your soldiers and villagers.




    Blessed Spear of Thoth

    Armed with the Blessed Spear of Thoth, infantry inflict greater damage and better resist enemy cavalry that would normally have the advantage.


    Egyptian Battle Cuirass

    Adorned in this epic cuirass, mere infantry become warriors of legend. Providing a bonus to health and a boost to protection against cavalry, this armor makes the warriors that equip it a force to be reckoned with.


    Apep's Acidic Bow

    Archers equipped with this bow become fearsome pillagers of enemy outposts, able to inflict greater damage overall and endowed with an additional bonus to damage against buildings.


    Desert Wanderer Robes

    Providing lightly armored units with a massive health boost and increased resistance to archers and slingers, these robes fortify priests, villagers, archers, and slingers against all who seek to engage them in battle.


    Golden Winged Axe of Ra

    Said to imbue Axemen with the swiftness of the Sun God himself, this axe not only heightens a warrior's strength but also slows enemies within its line of sight.


    Studden Battle Gorget

    Cavalry equipped with the battle gorget are imbued with a massive boost to health and armor against siege weaponry, transforming the swift units of the Egyptian army into nigh-unstoppable powerhouses.


    Vizier's Deadly War Sling

    Granting substantial bonuses to damage and range, this sling greatly enhances the Egyptian slinger’s already formidable skill.


    Superior Imperial Fortifications

    Buildings strengthened with imperial fortifications can withstand even the most vicious attacks. With a boost to damage protection and health, buildings thus fortified can endure the fiercest of enemy onslaughts.



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