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    Persian Civilization
    Persian Civilization

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    Capital City One of the most powerful empires in ancient times, Persia controlled much of the known world and influenced culture around the globe. Tarsos, at Persia's geographical crossroads, is in the midst of a struggle for leadership. Lead Persia's strong cavalry, versatile archery units, and the mighty Immortals to ensure its rightful place in history! Premium civilizations can be purchased at the Empire Bazaar in your Capital City, from locked items, and at the Age of Empires Online log-in screen by clicking Upgrade Now!


    Advisors give your empire a range of advantages, including economic benefits such as faster resource gathering and military advantages such as damage bonuses. Some Advisors also let you create special, high-value units.
    Military College


    Providing a huge boost to the range of your Guard Towers, Darius will help you defend your hard-earned resources!

    Grand Temple


    Horselord Siavash strikes fear into the hearts of Persia enemies by providing the feared Scythian Mounted Archer unit. Those who command these versatile forces gain speed and long-range attack power..

    Engineering College

    Nekhbet, Protector of the Lost

    The Protector of the Lost graces the Persian Empire with the unique Desert Nomad Swordman unit, providing an incredible edge in combat.

    Hetairoi Commander Jason

    Royal Guard Zhubin

    The battle-hardened Zhubin gives you command of the elite Persian Royal Guard, feared by all who have tried to oppose them.

    Weapons & Armor

    For your armies to reign supreme on the battlefield, you have to equip them with upgraded weapons and armor. Embark on quests to earn new weapons and armor, then apply them to your soldiers and villagers.




    Ares Vulture Claw

    The Ares Vulture Claw is powerful and merciless; cavalry will be hard-pressed to defeat infantry units equipped with the Vulture Claw!


    Apocalypse Breastplate

    This epic armament has become legendary across the sands of time. Your enemies will cower in battle with your fierce warriors as they face their own personal apocalypse!


    Dark Iron True Strike

    Units wielding the Dark Iron True Strike become endowed with an additional bonus to damage, bringing the enemy to their knees!


    Persian Champions Armor

    Armored units get a massive boost with the Persian Champions Armor. Your enemies will be fooled into thinking your champions are wearing the simple robes of the priest until they meet you face to face in battle!


    Ebony Falcon of Xiphos

    It is said a true warrior needs only the strength of his mind, but brandishing your army with the might of the Ebony Falcon of Xiphos will all but assure victory over those who oppose you!


    Shroud of Amenoi

    Your cavalry will carry the shadow of death with them adorned in the Shroud of Amenoi. Even the strongest of infantry will run away in fear as you approach!


    The Hero Slayer Bow

    You may find your enemies running for the hills before you even march to the battlefield should they find out your units fire arrows from the Hero Slayer Bow!


    Walls of Earthen Strength

    Fortifying your buildings with the Walls of Earthen Strength will give your buildings the edge against even the most powerful of attacks. Your encampments will hold out against the mightiest of foes!



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