Major Gods
Major Gods


Fu Xi is the husband and brother of Nό Wa, and son of Hua Hsu, a primordial being created by the death of Pangu. He taught mankind how to live on earth; how to fish, hunt, and cook. He laid down mankind's laws, and instituted marriage between man and women.

In the early days of mankind, humans were in a state of chaos after their creation. They did not know how to clean their food, they ate hair, bone, and blood, and threw away leftovers without a mind for the future. They looked up to heaven, and Fu Xi took pity on them. He came down and gave them laws and civilization, and elevated them above the beasts.

Nό Wa is the sister and wife of Fu Xi, and daughter of Hua Hsu, a primordial being created by the death of Pangu. In the early days of creation she fashioned the upper classes of mankind from the mud of the Yellow River, then dipped her veil in the water and whirled it around her head, scattering the droplets. Each drop became a member of the peasantry, and thus was mankind born.

Shennong is a benevolent god who came down with Fu Xi to civilize mankind. He is responsible for teaching humans about agriculture, medicine, acupuncture, and the stars and calendar. He is described as having the head of an ox, with a bronze forehead and an iron skull, and is known as the “god of the burning wind.”



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