Classical Age Gods
Classical Age Gods


Sun Wukong is the fabled Monkey King, made most famous for his role in "Journey to the West," where he makes friends and foes among all the gods of China in his many adventures.

One time Sun Wukong visited Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. The Monkey King sought to find a weapon that he could wield from among the great dragon's many treasures. To Ao Kuang's frustration, the Monkey King broke any weapon the dragon gave him to try. Finally Sun Wukong reached Ruyi Jingu Bang, the pillar once used by Yu the Great to measure the seas, and which now held them in their place and which controlled the oceans' tides. Ao Kuang thought it would be too heavy for him to lift, but the rod obediently changed its size and leapt into his hands, plunging the oceans into chaos. Fearful of Sun Wukong's power, the Dragon King gave him many more magical items from his treasury to placate him.

The Monkey King has the power to pluck hairs from his body, and each hair becomes a copy of himself, strength, skill, weapons, and all. This allows him to assemble vast, unstoppable forces on a whim.

Huang Di, also known as the Yellow Emperor, is a legendary Chinese ruler who was among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Credited with numerous inventions and innovations, Huang Di is the mythological ancestor of the Chinese people. His reign is not only believed to have introduced items like the wheel, coined money, medicine, or weapons, but also to have refined the culture and taught its people many useful skills.

Chang'e is the beautiful goddess of the Moon, and wife of the famous archer Houyi. In ancient times there were ten great sunbirds above the earth, each a child of Shangdi, and they would each take turns traveling across the sky as the sun. However one day they all decided to ascend at once, and they scorched the earth with their heat and brightness. Shangdi summoned the god Houyi to scare them away and save the world below, but they were troublesome and would not be quelled. So Houyi shot them down one by one, until only one sun remained. Shangdi was furious with the archer for killing his children, and banished he and his wife Chang'e to live on Earth as mortals.

Houyi sought the aid of Xi Wang Mu on mount Kunlun to restore them, and the goddess took pity on him. She had a single vial of the elixir of life, and she gave it to him, saying that "If you drink half of the vial, you will gain eternal life. If you drink all of it, you will ascend to the heavens as an immortal god." Houyi took the vial home, intending to drink half and leave the other half for Chang'e, so that they might both live eternally on Earth. But Chang'e found the vial while he was out hunting one day, and drank all of it, curious about what it was. She immediately became weightless and ascended up toward heaven, returned to her godlike state, and Houyi was too late to catch her.

She flew up to the Moon, still banished from heaven, and lives there still with a great many white and jade rabbits as her servants. Houyi was murdered by his apprentice Feng Meng, who was jealous of the mastery of the bow which he could not achieve, and the spirit of Houyi ascended to the Sun and built a palace there. Now he and Chang'e share the sky, and like Yin and Yang they balance the world, though the Moon occasionally sojourns into the daylight sky to be with her husband for a time.



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