Heroic Age Gods
Heroic Age Gods


Zhong Kui is a not so much god as ghost. However, he has been charged with the rule and control of all of the ghosts in Hell, and wields considerable power.
Zhong Kui was once mortal, and very ugly. Though he achieved top scores on the Imperial Examinations, which should have granted him a place in the bureaucracy, the Emperor revoked his titles because of his disfigured appearance. Enraged, Zhong Kui threw himself against the palace door again and again until he died. As a suicide he was condemned to become a ghost in Hell, but because of his scores on the examinations he was appointed as overseer of all the other ghosts. Most of his time is now spent hunting down wayward spirits, demons, and other evil creatures, and keeping the rest in line.

He Bo, also known as Bingyi, is god of the great Yellow River. He is described in his true form as a fish with the head of a man, But he can transform into other creatures. He often rides around in a chariot pulled by dragons.

One day He Bo decided to transform into a great white dragon and roam around the earth for a day. However, midway through his travels he came upon Houyi the Archer, who shot him in the eye. He Bo complained to Shangdi and cried for vengeance, but the god would hear none of it. "If you had been carrying out your godly duties, how would you have been shot? If you were running around like a beast, then Houyi acted properly shooting at you."

Dabo Gong is also known as Tu Di Gong, and is the god of soil and land. He is traditionally venerated as a part of burial rituals, and his reputation for granting blessings has earned him the formal name of Fudegong, the lord of blessing and virtue.

It was once thought by the other gods that Dabo Gong was too free with his gifts and blessings upon the mortals, and they complained to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor decided that the best solution would be to give him a wife who could look over his shoulder and make sure that he was dispersing gifts judiciously. So he found a girl who had been wrongfully accused of a crime and took her to heaven to become Tu Di Po, the wife of Dabo Gong who carefully restrains him from being too generous with his blessings.



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