Mythic Age Gods
Mythic Age Gods


The dragon Ao Kuang is Lord of the Eastern Sea. His three brothers, Ao Qin, Ao Run, and Ao Shun rule the seas of the other cardinal directions. He and his brothers are fickle rulers, and Ao Kuang's many ill-reputed sons cause their share of mayhem on earth. Over time this built him a following of fearful subjects eager to appease him. He maintains a vast collection of heavenly weapons and artifacts in his grand undersea palace.

Ao Kuang's reputation made him many enemies, perhaps the most notable of which was Nezha, son of the military commander Li Jing. When Ao Kuang demanded a sacrifice of children to eat, Nezha beat off his minions and killed the Dragon King's third son, Ao Bing. Ao Kuang fled to the Jade Emperor's court to plead for vengeance, but Nezha followed him there and beat him severely, ripping off scales and drawing blood. Ao Kuang then took Li Jing and his wife hostage in exchange for Nehza's life, and Nezha committed suicide to placate the dragon.

Chongli or Zhurong is a god of fire and warfare, who rides a giant tiger into battle. He has a son, Gong Gong, a sea monster and troublemaker. Gong Gong once plotted to take the throne of heaven from Shangdi, and Chongli his father donned his armor and mounted his war tiger to stop him. He and Gong Gong dueled for many days in the heavens, and finally Chongli smote his son down to Earth. Furious at his loss, Gong Gong bashed his head against the pillars which held the earth in place, and Nό Wa had to fix the world with the help of the great turtle Ao. Chongli, victorious, ascended back to heaven as the god of fire and Lord of the South.

"The Queen Mother of the West... No one knows her beginning, and no one knows her end." - Zhuangzi, 4th C. BC Xi Wang Mu is a goddess of great power and one of the oldest in existence. She lives on Mount Kunlun, and is matriarch of the West. She has a counterpart, the Queen Mother of the East, and both are attested in Shang oracle bones from the 15th C. BC onwards.

She once guarded a vial of the elixir of life, which she granted to Houyi the Archer after his banishment so that he and his wife Chang'e might live forever in peace. Sadly, Chang'e drank all of the elixir and ascended to the Moon, leaving Houyi behind on Earth.



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