Mythological Improvements
Mythological Improvements


Alluvial Clay
Worship            Prometheus

Researched at   Temple

Improvement    Increases the hit points of Promethean
                        myth units

Prometheus formed his Prometheans from the clay
in river banks and beds, which was deposited from
running water and contained bits of rock, other
minerals, and even gold. This clay formed a tight
matrix, almost like a skeleton, inside the Prometheans
and made them very strong, sturdy creatures.

Asper Blood

Worship             Hekate

Researched at    Temple

Improvement     Makes the blood of Lampades do area
                         damage to units and bonus damage to

The Lampades, torch-bearing nymphs devoted to
Hekate, drank from the waters of Phlegethon andtheir
blood became like the fire of their torches.
The death of a Lampades resulted in a spectacular
sprayof blood and a flame that burned long after the body
was consumed.

Bite of the Shark

Worship             Oceanus

Researched at    Barracks

Improvement     Provides Murmillo with serrated
                         swords, increasing their attack

Some companies of Murmillo would dedicate
themselves to one particular Titan, most commonly
Oceanus. These Murmilo carried shark teeth as a
symbol of their devotion. Some companies entered
a bloody rage, like the berserkers of the north, and
others carried swords with vicious, serrated edges
which they used to savage their enemies.


Worship             Hekate

Researched at

Improvement     Causes myth units to train much faster

Hekate, the goddess of night and magic, was later the
companion of Persephone in the Underworld. Those
that follow Hekate have a deep understanding of how
quickly life can slip away. They learn to make each
second count, for wasted time only brings them closer
to death.


Worship             Gaia

Researched at    Town Center

Improvement     Makes Citizens move faster

The capital city of Atlantis was ringed by nine great
canals. These canals allowed Citizens, soldiers, and
goods to be transported quickly around the huge city.
When Atlanteans left their beloved city, they would
toss coins, and even jewelry, into the waters of the
canals for good luck and as an offering for a safe

Eyes of Atlas

Worship             Atlas

Researched at

    Increases line of sight for all myth

As a punishment for rebelling against Zeus, the Titan
Atlas, first king of Atlantis, was condemned to bear the
weight of the heavens on his shoulders. When Atlas
turns his gaze to the burden on his back, it is said that
those who follow the Titans see all that he sees with
his eyes.


Worship               Kronos

Researched at      Temple

Improvement       Increases focus of Oracles, improving
                          their movement speed and the speed
                          at which their line of sight grows

Oracles studying the mysteries of Kronos learned
methods of meditation where they could slip into the
future and see more clearly and quickly than other
Oracles. As they advanced in their studies and drew
further and further away from the present, these
Oracles lost the ability to communicate their visions.
Eventually, they slipped away entirely, their minds lost
to their visions of the future.


Worship               Hyperion

Researched at      Temple

Improvement       Doubles the amount of javelins thrown by Satyrs

Satyrs were not warriors or soldiers, though they were
fierce when deprived of wine, sleep, nymphs, or when
threatened. They rode timid donkeys into battle and
carried javelins crafted for them by Dryads. The eldest
Satyr, Silenus, could throw two javelins at a time and
would occasionally teach this trick to other Satyrs.

Halo of the Sun

Worship                 Helios

Researched at        Palace, Dock

Improvement         Increases damage done by Fire
                             Siphons and Fireships

“Thereafter, because they so honored Helios, the Titan
returned to Atlantis, and in his great temple there set
a flame that could be extinguished by neither wind nor
water. The Atlanteans carried this flame to every land they
conquered, and with it, the light of Atlantean wisdom.”
—Voices of the Oracle, the Lay of Ioleta

Heart of the Titans

Worship                  Prometheus

Researched at         Temple

Improvement          Reduces cost of improving human units
                             to heroes

The Titan Prometheus loved mankind, his most favored
creation. He always sought to make their troubled lives
better, at times assisting them in spite of the will of the
other gods. He even went so far as to bestow upon his
favorite mortals the secrets of the Titans, giving birth
to a line of heroes who would rattle the foundationsof Olympus.

Hephaestus Revenge

Worship                Leto

Researched at       Temple

Improvement        Grants Automatons more hit points
                           and the ability to repair themselves

During the god Hephaestus’s exile from Olympus, the
lame smith was more than willing to offer his services
to the highest bidder. If he could serve the enemies
of the family that had rejected him in the process, so
much the better. Hephaestus taught the Atlanteans
many interesting tricks; among them was the smelting
technique that dramatically improved the longevity of
their mechanical servants, the Automatons.

Heroic Fleet

Worship            All cultures in the Classical Age can research this
                       mythological improvement   

Researched at   Dock

   Increases naval unit effectiveness
                       against myth units

Sea travel was a terrifying prospect for people of the
ancient world. From mythical monsters such as the
Greek Scylla or the Norse Kraken, to more mundane
yet equally terrible maelstroms and iceburgs, deadly
dangers lurked in every ocean. However, for rulers
who were willing to invest the time and resources in
a powerful fleet, such as King Minos of Crete, the sea
offered many opportunities to gain an advantage over
their rivals.

Heroic Renewal

Worship              Hyperion

Researched at      Palace

       Allows heroes to regenerate

“Hekate then gave her infusion to Helios for his help in
finding Persephone.Helios, renewed daily, had no need
of this restorative and gave it to his father, Hyperion.
Hyperion, far-sighted and all-seeing, smeared it upon the
eyes of worthy mortals in their sleep. When these favored
mortals awoke to sight and consciousness, they found
themselves with the ability to heal swiftly from even the
most terrible of wounds.”
            —Voices of the Oracles, the Lay of Ioleta

Horns of Consecration

Worship               Rheia

Researched at      Town Center

      Grants a faster trickle of favor

The Titan Rheia was an earth goddess and surrounded
herself with wild creatures. While she is usually
associated with lions, like those which pulled her
chariot, the Minoans worshipped her with rites and
rituals involving bulls. The Minoans consecrated
their buildings by decorating them with the sculpted
representations of horned bulls, believing it pleased
the gods.

Io Guardian

Worship                 Atlas

Researched at        Temple

Improvement          Upgrades Argus to Io Guardian, giving
                             them increased line of sight and faster
                             recharge of their special ability

Zeus transformed his lover Io into a white cow to
protect her from the wrath of his jealous wife, Hera.
But Hera saw through the ruse, and requested the cow
as a gift. She then sent her servant Argus, a giant with
a hundred eyes, to guard the cow. Eventually, Zeus
sent Hermes to trick and slay Argus. To honor the
memory of her fallen servant, Hera placed the eyes of
Argus on the tail of a peacock.

Lance of Stone

Worship              Theia

Researched at      Temple

Improvement       Improves the attack of Contarius
                          heroes against buildings

A Contarius distinguished in battle, upon returning
to Atlantis, was presented with a lance made from
petrified wood found in one of Atlantis’s most distant
western colonies. When the stone lance of a Contarius
broke, the soldier’s name was carved on its shaft and
the fragments were returned in honor to Atlantis.
These fragments were arranged in a palisade around
the Palace of the Theocrat. It did not take long for
the competitive Contarii to begin seeking out targets
that would most swiftly break their lances—namely

Lemurian Descendants

Worship              Theia

Researched at     Palace

Improvement      Increases line of sight for all human soldiers

The Titan Theia, goddess of sight, ruled over Lemuria,
the most loyal and advanced of Atlantean colonies.
The Lemurians were tall and lithe, but were best
known for their keen vision—a boon from their patron
goddess. They were employed as scouts alongside
Oracles for much of the Atlantean empire. The island
of Lemuria was destroyed when the brother giants
Ephialtes and Otus piled up mountains, including the
mountainous Lemuria, to reach Olympus.

Mail of Orichalkos

Worship              Rheia

Researched at     Barracks

Improvement      Makes archers more resistant to
                         hacking attacks, such as those from swords

The Atlantean followers of Rheia were blacksmiths of
unsurpassed skill who mastered a unique method of
distilling zinc ore. When the distillation was mixed
with brass, the result was the silvery metal orichalkos.
Strong enough to stop the heaviest of blows, Mail
of Orichalkos is also extremely lightweight when
quenched in sea water, the perfect armor for archers
and other missile troops.

Mythic Rejuvination

Worship                Hekate

Researched at        Temple

Improvement         Allows myth units to regenerate health“

Hekate collected the blood of Behemoth under a new moon
and added to it honey, rain, and wine. This she poured into
the mouths of her most favored creatures. These creatures
thereafter healed swiftly from even the most grievous
           —Voices of the Oracles, the Lay of Ioleta


Worship                  Helios

Researched at         Counter Barracks

Improvement          Improves armor of siege weapons

“... were made of a strange and very hard wood. And as
Helios’s searing gaze beats down onto all things, so too did
these giant-crafted siege weapons, rock-hurlers and arrow-
throwers, lay waste to the shining capitol of Lemuria. They
reduced our beloved city to rubble in a matter of hours, but
Chalu was not afraid.”
                     —The Inverada, The Siege at Murinca

Poseidon’s Secret

Worship                 Theia

Researched at         Barracks

Improvement          Gives cavalry greater speed and attack

Theia, wife of Hyperion and mother of the sun, moon,
and dawn, was the Titan most interested in learning
from the upstart Olympians. Poseidon had much
to teach his aunt, most importantly a method for
breeding the finest steeds the world had ever seen.
Whether Theia stole Poseidon’s knowledge of horses
or Poseidon simply volunteered to help the Atlanteans
is unclear. Regardless, Poseiden’s Secret now belongs
to the followers of Theia.

Rheia’s Gift

Worship                  Rheia

Researched at          Temple

Improvement           Decreases the cost in favor of all
                              mythological improvements

As the children of Kronos and Rheia were born, Kronos
swallowed them one by one. When Rheia gave birth
to Zeus, she hid the infant and fed Kronos a stone
instead, risking her husband’s wrath to save her
youngest son. Rheia is held in high regard by both the
Olympians and the Titans—and her son Zeus, her gift
to the world, is honored by all.

Safe Passage

Worship                Oranos

Researched at        Sky Passage

Improvement         Makes Sky Passages cheaper, and gives them
                            more line of sight and a ranged attack

The sacred Sky Passages of Oranos were identified by
the enemies of Atlantis as logistically very dangerous
buildings because they could instantaneously
transport armies and Citizens. These buildings were
attacked and destroyed before all others. In response
to these attacks, Atlanteans began building Sky
Passages more soundly and with the ability to be defended from within.

Titan Shield

Worship                 Atlas

Researched at        Town Center

Improvement         Makes buildings more resistant to
                            pierce and hack damage

The Atlanteans were always closely connected to
the Titans, and the raw power of the ancient gods
is locked deep within the stones of Atlantis itself.
While Atlas still bears the burden of the heavens,
the Atlanteans can draw on the might of his sturdy
shoulders to strengthen their buildings and walls.

Volcanic Forge

Worship              Leto

Researched at     Temple

Improvement       Hardens the steel skin of Automatons,
                          making them more resistant to piercing damage

After Hephaestus was hurled from Olympus by his
mother Hera, he was willing to offer his services
to the highest bidder, even if the bidders were the
Atlantean followers of Leto, daughter of the Titans
Phoebe and Coeus. The Volcanic Forges found in many
Atlantean towns are one legacy of this partnership
between Titan-worshippers and the Olympian god of
blacksmiths. The forges draw their power from the
eternal flames that burn in the depths of Tartarus.

Weightless Mace

Worship              Oceanus

Researched at     Counter Barracks

Improvement      Increases Katapeltes speed and attack
                         Atlanteans worshipping

Oceanus discovered another odd property of the metal orichalkos.
When quenched in salt water, weapons forged from this otherwise very
heavy, dense metal became virtually weightless. The
Atlanteans quickly adapted this metal to their heaviest
weapons, the deadly maces of the Katapeltes.



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